Sky Above & Mud Below

Western Sky at 7 p.m.

Tuesday, May 29, 2019

Yes, another day of on and off rains, some pouring and daunting. The occasional sunshine was weak. I managed to exercise the horses and do some work around the barn. Toward evening, during a break in the rain, I ventured into the dim with a camera to consider the clouds and what they might be saying. The western clouds seemed confused but were clearing, and those toward the east were dark and intimidating.

While focusing on various skies, I began thinking about art photography. Now, friends, I’m the most amateur of photographers, don’t know a thing about f-stops and such, but my eye is fairly dependable. Wanting to take pictures in yet another cloudy, damp day, made thinking creatively a sensible choice. So, using what was most easily available, here’s my start at art.

I rather like the outcomes from using a prop, and maybe it’s worth expanding to create innovative scenes. Meanwhile out there, and as usual in the background, lots of Robins were sounding off, noisy and defending. Since their uproars had been continuing for several evenings, I moved to another position to view the birds, and in a moment was witnessing territory arguments, with birds fluttering up, kicking out, and driving away offenders. Way up, a Robin stood stock-still and on guard, while on the ground its or some other bird’s mate gathered nesting material.

The sky, the ball, the birds, in the last lights of that damp and cloudy day. If those captures don’t appropriately enough represent closure, check out this of Pimmy in mud, after one of yesterday’s early rains.


Dear Friends, I must work today and that’s okay, for more rain is forecast. Diana

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