Coffee Klatch

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Recently, some friends met for coffee with a common purpose of discussing current politics. All of us were well informed and our political perspectives agreed–a non-conflict group speaking aloud what we thought and felt–a meaningful event.

Except that parting into our separate ways didn’t diminish my heightened interest in politics. Since, our discussion has driven me more toward an awareness of national and international politics, and with more interest in regional populations.

I write, not from wanting to espouse a particular point of view, but because of that coffee meeting and mutual ventilating with friends of common interests. I’m surprised by it’s impact and how the aftermath continues to inform my world-view.

Many share my political leanings and I’m not among a minority, but mostly I prefer keeping quiet and avoiding potential conflicts. This is recent behavior, for I learned just a few years ago by experience that passionate politics can separate friends. Yes, after losing friends, I’m more quiet.

Communications are complex though. Perspectives leak out and manage to gain sympatico responses. Folks love to discover common interests, and the same for all focused perspectives. Take for example religious advocates, who attract like responses by speaking a word or brief phrase.

Unfortunately, while passions can bind, they also can separate.

There were friends I regret losing because of differing opinions to the extent that I wish my mouth had stayed shut. On the other hand, the new friends in my life have common opinions. The recent coffee klatch reinforced the pleasures of openly sharing, without arguing over premises, personal perspectives on situations, local, national, and international. And afterwards, parting as friends.

If I were to sum up, this probably has much to do with gaining wisdom.

Dear Friends: Sensing a need for silence is a good habit of the opinionated. Diana

Nature is not something outside the human world. The reverse is true. Nature is the real world, and humanity exists on islands within it. E.O. Wilson

One thought on “Coffee Klatch

  1. It seems to be a sad sign of the times where we lose friends,because we disagree on politics. It seems so wrong somehow, but then I suppose one has to ask that if we cannot amicably disagree were they ever really friends in the first place?


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