Where Moss Grows

Saturday, February 08, 2020

I climbed my neighbor’s hill again, and this time in a midday sparkling with warmth and clarity. At the hill’s top where trees are very thick, it’s impossible to see west to the Cascades. Much wanting to photograph the Cascades, I followed numerous deer trails to the accessible high points, but always came to big juniper clumps that hid the view and blocked progress forward. Happily though, about twenty miles to the north, the Powell Buttes punctuated and emphasized the lovely sky. That combo became my best event photo.

That hill is on private property, mostly unkempt, and not a huge space. But it offers aloneness and one can feel free, working eyes and brain to see, really see nature’s shapes. That, for at least awhile, rests my mind, relieves my worries about national issues. Today’s politics have evolved beyond my ability to comprehend–far beyond my wildest imaginings of what might be possible related to governing in America.

Worries about the environment, as society, civilization, and species show signs of crumbling, make it appealing to seek diversions. Like climbing a semi-wild hill to follow deer trails, or going farther outdoors to pursue trails more rugged. It’s interesting, that there’s comfort in seeking our true human nature and in appreciating living like yore.

Upward path

An understanding of flora and fauna is important in trying to comprehend Nature’s mix. Here’s a photo of those plentiful and wonderful mosses that cover the ground in this damp weather. The dark green pincushion mosses are flowering. Their flowers are very tiny, one must bend, and deeply, to capture their beauty.

Truly, nature is one path to regaining some peace of mind. We all are hoping that larger humankind’s better nature will find and muster the strength to reverse what seems our current entrapment in this environment, it’s increasingly bullying, uncaring, and dangerous.

Dear Friends: The news is terrifying. I’m loving the mosses and hugging my horses! Diana

One thought on “Where Moss Grows

  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for identifying those “hills” to the north(?)east us. I’ve wondered & assumed maybe Powell Butte but didn’t know. I think you are on the right track: animals & nature. Instead, yesterday I was so disturbed by our (——–) (started to say “fearless” but actually he’s more a coward & a bully) leader’s nasty vindictiveness. In response I printed out the PCP (Precinct Committee Person) Candidate Filing form & took it to the Elections Office. Even if I get elected (everyone who runs gets elected!) I doubt I’ll have the stomach to do much, but this keeps the options open. Meanwhile I’ll just keep nurturing my backyard bird refuge.


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