Practicing Purpose

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Super Tuesday! Well, we’ll see what this day brings.

For me, this afternoon will find me sitting and knitting with folks who meet regularly. I’ll be new to the group, am interested in gaining practice with needles, and hope to tap into expertise when help’s needed.

I enjoy groups. This one particularly is interesting. Its members share a common technical interest and bring various levels of expertise. Its ongoing success suggests that the members have developed effective processes for coordinating and communicating.

For instance, my friend, Grant, knits with the group, and easily could explain the typical days on which, and places where, it meets. Weekly, there are Thursdays at the knitting shop, Sundays at the Jackson Corner eatery, and hours during an afternoon at some member’s home.

I’ve been practicing at nights by working with needles on my project. My planned garment is a neck-warmer. It’s for me to wear while walking horses down the road to a neighbor’s pasture. It’s okay if this neck warmer has knitting mistakes. For example, I have trouble identifying for sure the garment’s right and wrong sides. The end product will reveal my mistakes, but since it’s for my own neck, the goofs will be okay. My next project should come together better.

Dear Friends: Today will be a long “Democratic Process”, its results should be interesting. Diana

One thought on “Practicing Purpose

  1. I used to knit elaborate sweaters. While living in Fairbanks in the early 60s, I made Dave (and one of his friends) beautiful snowflake patterned sweaters. Then I made 6 year old Matt a darling cardigan with reindeer and snowmen, decorative metal buttons, etc. I have lost interest but I’m glad you will have a fun group to learn from and enjoy. 😊❤️

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