Knitting, Because

Saturday, March 14, 2020

This time around, playing with a periodically recurring wish to learn knitting, I’m starting to “get it”. My neck-warmer is growing into a likeable piece. Okay, it’s full of mistakes, but I’ll be the one wearing it. No need to pull out “wrong stitches” or start over. What’s interesting and fun is a growing sense of learning. My handling of needles and yarn is improving, and each new row adds to the garment’s potential for cute. I chug along, eager to create a whole.

Besides a fulfilling experience of hands-on, there’s real-wool softness and beautifully-colored yarn. These create a pleasurable sense of “coming together”. In knitting, lots of opportunities to communicate will heighten skills and progress. Working with a group involves sharing knowledge and experience. Simply seeing someone in a nicely hand-knitted garment, and admiring the elements of yarn, design, and color, generates pleasant conversation. Casual exchanges with experienced knitters will enhance a newcomer’s skills.

My neck warmer is about half-finished. It needs enough height for one edge to slip under a coat or jacket collar while the other lifts and protects chin and mouth. If today’s pandemic environment forces us toward self-isolation, knitting is appropriate, requiring focus, passing time, and is productive.

Dear Friends: Let’s keep ourselves safe, and have wishes for Coronavirus to fizzle. Diana

4 thoughts on “Knitting, Because

  1. I love the colors you have chosen. Very fun. Maybe I will take up knitting again!😊

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