It’s begun to snow!

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Yesterday, rainy and drizzly, and today, the same with snow. This weather precedes more desirable spring-like conditions arriving on Tuesday. It’ll be lovely, the higher temperatures and sunshine that might ease tensions caused by isolating against an invisible devastating disease.

We seek whatever might preoccupy or just keep us busy. To that end, Netflix is full of bang-em-ups, shoot-em-ups, and acting in roles of clear winners and losers. I mostly re-watch videos from earlier years that I’ve seen. They seem better, maybe because producing them was slower, more careful, and based on scripts better-written and storyboards more intelligent and complex.

The majority of streaming choices equally are uninteresting on Amazon, Hulu, and the rest. They provide noisy mindless escapism. Daily, I argue with myself about whether to cancel streaming services and broadband (For example, why must we face “Trump Shows” that lasting throughout afternoons?). I phoned Broadband to cancel and held endlessly for a representative before finally ending the call.

None of this really surprises. Reduced staffs try to respond to bunches of people staying home and demanding. Until the condition eases, Ill keep the bandwidth and streaming services. There’s no end to finding changes that surprise. Here’s one, I went online to Amazon for a 3# bag of Zupreem bird food, a size normally costing $12. Amazon sellers now price it at $33, and up! Why that increase? To offset higher outlays for ingredients and shipping? Or are they gouging? (My cockatoo, Peaches, might learn to eat Purina Layena. My rescued racing pigeon, Gilbert, thrives on it.)

If today’s gloom keeps me inside, what other demands over distance might I attempt? One possibility is to place an order for a curb pick-up. Maybe from Target which carries just about everything from electronics to food. If I do, and whether the process works well or is lousy, I’ll write about my experience.

Dear Friends: It’s about balancing one’s temper, staying creative and productive. Diana

One thought on “Kvetching

  1. There is a Netflix series called Free Rein set on an island in England about a group of kids and their ponies at a riding stables. It can be a bit corny. But all good, clean fun and beautiful scenery and horses. Worth a watch.


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