Happy Holiday!

Exercising Rosie, photo by my neighbor, Frank.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Coronavirus Day 26

For many religions this period is one of holiest. Today, Easter Sunday, brings another day of public lockdown and an unusual Easter. Worshippers are asked to stay home and stream religious services or watch them on television. Typically, this holiday celebrates wearing pretty clothing and hats, and gatherings of folks taking walks (my mental visual is MGM’s “Easter Parade”), and the comings-together of families for celebration meals. Today, people must seek creative ways to gather and celebrate. The Zoom site will be busy.

Anyway, Happy Easter and Passover or whatever you might be celebrating. I’ll be interested in learning from the news media the ways in which people spend this day. I haven’t a particular religious belief, but am respectful of the many “social goodnesses” that exist because there are believers and followers. After all, every one of us was taught the Ten Commandments.

Fortunately, my freezer held a whole chicken that yesterday I thawed. Today, I’ll roast that chicken until it has the right temperature and a lovely, crisp skin of perfect color. I’ll enjoy my favorite parts, a leg and thigh, while remembering and appreciating happier times and celebratory meals with family and friends. My cockatoo, Peaches, will crack open a leg bone for its marrow; my dogs will get kibble well-moistened with “trimmings and giblets” soup. We’ll continue for days sharing the remains.

I’ll make a point of participating socially, online, to enjoy the offerings.

Dear Friends: Have as fine a day as it’s possible to create among the possibilities. Diana

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