New Beginnings

Friday, April 24, 2020, Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #37

I donned a mask and went to Safeway, looked lovingly at bananas and salad fixings, and found cheap bread for the goats and chickens, and for Peaches, perfectly-colored bananas. Ah, shopping pleasantries! I needed nothing but those loaves, bananas, and a brief escape from the house. At the grocery, employees guarding the entrance periodically allowed a few waiting shoppers to proceed inside. This particular store is one of Safeway’s busiest, and always previously has been crowded. Yesterday though, we shoppers seemed a sparse bunch.

Most folks wore masks, including the store’s employees. The masked shoppers gave one another as much passing space as possible in the aisles. Those without masks seemed unconcerned, less thoughtful and careful. To my relief while in that store, no sounds of sneezing. Getting through checkout was slow as ever, but not from long lines. It’s because of needs to sanitize, and to give folks bringing bags enough time to bag their groceries. Loading my purchases into used bags was more difficult than it’s seemed in the normal-past, while I’ve waited for a store employee to bag-’em-up.

I flashed to Costco and it’s speed-edge during checkouts. Employees quick-load merchandise into boxes or directly into carts and move shoppers quickly. Leaving there, I’ve happily pushed a loaded cart to my car, and there arranged buys into empty boxes and bags. This process eases the final unloading and arranging.

Yesterday’s outing felt good. I enjoyed looking at merchandise, reading labels, making choices. Yet, I must acknowledge that there were/are “what if?” worries in the back of my mind. Now, I’ll start counting the days, staying home for at least two weeks, and hoping for no hint of a physical change that might imply coronavirus.

I’m in the opinion lot against re-opening too soon our typical social venues. This period of social distancing has proved to be an economic killer, it’s also proved Corvid-19 as a population killer. The more I learn, the more I’m convinced we’ll be forced into some kind of new normal. Since around 2KY, killer viruses have more frequently appeared. Our world’s scientific coping and resolution speed lags. Humans need more time to contain this virus, and oncoming others, loosened by increasing overpopulation and environmental destruction.

Dear Friends: It’s a dire warning for the long haul, we must embrace realistic options. Diana

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. You are right. Last night on Stephen Colbert, Bill Gates said that Covid-19 has created some permanent lifestyle changes. The good news, Gates said, is that these changes will also serve to protect us from probable germ warfare from places like China. Goody. (Looking at the bright side?)


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