Foul News

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Waning Gibbous 91.6%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

Today’s header photo captures my dominant hen turkey preparing to roost. While preening, she spreads her tail feathers and can resemble a Tom. I’m embarrassed that she nor her sister have names. I call them “girls.” That deserves remedying, and today I’ll name them.

In today’s perfect weather, my baby ducks will go swimming. I have figured out where and how. These ducklings, active and noisy, run and try to hide when I reach for one, but once caught, are sweet little captives. They will be thrilled in a swimmable tub. I’ll toss in some chopped veggies. A “duck person” told me they love diving for feeder goldfish, but I’m not ready for that.

Today, I will release three young hens from the “integration pen” and let them join the larger flock. They must learn to avoid the flock’s head hen and my cautious turkeys and will, as have previous newbies. I’ll hang around and monitor the learning progress.

In a few weeks, three more hens for release will include my one-eyed rescue, a beautiful Blue Sapphire. She’s done well through infancy and fledgling, but in new situations, temporarily is awkward. That’s understandably so. Eventually, however, upon release, she must be capable of integrating safely into the flock. Otherwise, like “Old Welsummer,” she’ll live as a special pet up at the house.

Dear Friends: A scheduled day of fowl adventures should not run afoul. Diana

Flower Moon

Flower Moon setting, x 2 days

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Waning Gibbous 97.1%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

This morning, the Flower Moon was setting in the south. That current almost full Moon is today’s header photo.

On the eve of Flower Moon’s most entire rise, Susie, Dale, and I were in Sawyer Park waiting for the event. We could see the horizon, distant by fifteen-plus miles. It’s the same horizon Susie and I often chase, but this time included a foreground of a city portion with electrical lighting.

Sawyer Park is a high-rise and beautiful perch. Its natural surroundings descend to and allow glimpses of the Deschutes River.

Shortly after we arrived, darkness began to descend. We discovered that two unwelcome factors might interfere with viewing the Moonrise. There was a cloudy sky and reflecting ground lights.

Susie’s technology pinpointed that the moon would rise just to the left of a prominent tree. We waited, peering through the murkiness.

Finally and slowly, the Moon emerged, having risen and already in its scheduled solar eclipse.

We saw the moon more clearly as we headed home. We took away learning that moon chases are best viewed and captured from east of the city, beyond its lights.

Determining spot of moonrise

I am grateful to my friends for introducing me to Sawyer Park. They did the calculating and managing to make our outing an event of witnessing and learning. Despite an uncooperative sky, our mission and experiences were unchanging and fun.

Dear Friends: A solar system is a time machine; it soothes weary Earth residents. Diana

Spring Event

Monday, May 16, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Full Moon 99.8%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

I tried to get moving today very early, to download our photos and write. But failing to crawl out of bed, now find myself short of time. Today, I must arrive very early to work.

Last evening, from our beautiful spot overlooking the Deschutes River and the city’s east side, we could see the string of buttes that comprises an eastern horizon. A cloudy sky made the rising moon in eclipse a bit iffy, but we were patient and focused, following its progress.

“We” were Susie, Dale, and me, an occasional adventuring trio of sky scavengers. For all the rising monthly moons we’ve witnessed, last night’s remained fuzzy the longest.

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about May’s rising Flower Moon. The event with lots of friendship, patience, and kindness, was lovely indeed.

Dear Friends: Finally, spring is descending on Central Oregon. Diana

At The Ready

Sunday, May 14, 2022

“Flower Moon”, Waxing Gibbous @99.4%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible tonight.

Tonight, witness one of the greatest shows on Earth, a total eclipse occurring early and viewable.

Susie, Dale, and I plan to haul our chairs, cameras, and binoculars to a local park for the sky show. The full Flower Moon will rise shortly after nine p.m. I saw early this morning the setting of last night’s full-enough moon, it was a lovely sight.

Later this Flower Month is my birthday, and I am gifting myself an Apple Computer. Exciting because its graphic capacity accommodates the massive Adobe Suite photo editing software. It is exciting because I want to use Adobe but lack a lightning-fast processor to handle it.

I also wish for a mirrorless camera but can’t justify the purchase. My hesitation could change quickly; one never knows. My problem is inadequate time and energy to hike and photograph because of working part-time. Adobe software possibilities could nudge me toward a highly capable camera and the great outdoors.

Tonight’s photographs will be from the good old cameras and downloads, and via the good old laptop. By next month’s full moon, maybe new equipment will yield eye poppers.

Dear Friends: Hoping you will be out sharing tonight’s sky with us. Diana

By The Numbers

Saturday, May 14, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @96.4%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

Yesterday, I returned to work, back into the swing, and the event went smoothly. That morning, lots of chicks had arrived along with some ducklings. Customers paraded in to admire babies in the brooders.

A coworker gave me a new mask, handmade from a chicken-print fabric. So cute; I wore it as a perfect fit for my “chicken lady” role in the store.

Another new thing, and a plus, the store manager pulled some numbers for me doing with chicken sales. I had requested them as an incentive to sell more. The company doesn’t push employees to make sales; it focuses instead on teamwork. Because many who are very young work, too, it might be that a “teaming over profit concept” works okay. Unapologetically, I’m old school; I want to know what I’m accomplishing, and please, Dear Manager, by the numbers.

That was a big nod, getting some numbers. They’re not excellent and detailed but general and uninformative. However, it’s a step. I’ll be quiet a while before asking for more, but I will return to the topic. Sharing data is the correct way to involve people and encourage high effort.

In my career days, I worked with top managers to create communications and leadership training. I then worked with subordinate managers of profit centers to communicate to and train their teams. It’s funny today that I’m trying to teach upwards from a lowly position as a chicken lady. My point is that, as much as most things change, not everything does. Excellent employee leadership and communications never change except for vocabulary adjustments.

Speaking of numbers, I have a longtime friend who lays floors professionally. He is an exacto kind of guy. I’m calling on him to consider my floor replacement job. Even if he can’t take it on, he’ll give me an idea of the project’s actual value, which will help when I’m gathering estimates.

Dear Friends: The fun number is tomorrow’s 99.9% Flower Moon + Total Eclipse. Diana

Watchbird Is Watching

Friday, May 13, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @90.8%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

Thanks to my friend, Susie! She quashed my animal care headaches. Round one is done: the puppy had an inoculation, and the goats received worm meds. A second round of the same will occur in a few weeks.

The puppy, Chase, grows more innovative and robust every day. While outside this morning, he romped with new vigor and boldness, and inside, he focused longer on each toy with which he played. Seeing him changing is a treat; he’s a flower bud unfolding.

I received what seemed an ungodly estimate to replace flooring throughout my house. The pricing falls into line relative to today’s inflated world; I will accept it. I must wait for at least three months for my work to begin. Starting delays in work related to construction and remodeling is another factor in times of high demand.

I understand these time and money factors have to do with meeting the demands of an aging population. Retirees and those near retirement have benefitted from high yield times, saving excessive money and upgrading their holdings. I tiptoed into the category, aided by the years of steadily rising markets for stocks and homes.

I remember tiptoeing into the 2005-2006 housing market, excited to buy and remodel a home to increase its resale potential. That rosiness took on a gray tone in 2007 and blackened out in 2008, followed by some years of financial gloom and doom.

Is this cycle different enough, or have key inflation controllers learned enough to prevent another 2008? I will face the situation and have the floors re-done, even while questioning the economic future. Just as most everybody else does, and as most of us did, pre-2008.

Dear Friends: At work today, chickens will have me forgetting all else. Diana


Thursday, May 12, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @83.4%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

This morning I have an early commitment, and this is a brief hello.

I’m not going to my workplace but have an appointment with a contractor. It’s time to have some remodeling and repairs done to my house. I like my house, but renewals are ahead after twenty years of living with dogs.

Anyway, this fellow is bringing samples and a tape measure. We will discuss possibilities and potential. When hiring a contractor, the biggest thing is getting work scheduled, as everybody in construction is several months behind in their commitments.

Once this gets going, I’ll toss my heavy furniture. I want simplicity, like Ikea! After years, it’s become clear that I hang out in just a few spots. Aside from utilizing the whole kitchen area, I have a favorite chair for watching TV, a chair for my computer desk, and a chair that works for reading. Of course, there’s a bed.

My house might wind up on the empty side. It’ll be easier to clean, and I’ll be comfortable and happier.

By the way, I dumped Netflix and am going to do that with the other streaming platforms. Too much blood and gore and too little real substance. My chair for TV watching might go, too.

Dear Friends: A remodel, a new era, we change, and little remains the same. Diana

Wiggle Worm

Wednesday 11, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @75.1%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

My little puppy, Chase, is nine weeks old and matures daily. A physical challenge, impossible yesterday, becomes doable today. He’s good about following, responding to my calls, but dislikes being kenneled. He squirms and protests mightily, but that’s life, fella.

Today, Mitzvah will meet up with Chase. She’s always curious and hangs around his kennel. Mitzvah is a dependable walking companion, and while with the puppy won’t lead him astray.

Chase needs his puppy shots. I have a first shot but doubt he will remain still for a sub-Q injection. It makes sense to check with the vet clinic for a brief opening today or tomorrow for a puppy shot.

Better, a neighbor might have a moment to hold Chase while I give him a shot. To a neighbor who might help, Chase will need two follow up shots, each three weeks after the one before.

I understand that when it’s time for his first rabies shot, if I show wrappers and receipts as proof he’s been vaccinated, a vet might administer just the rabies.

Immunity became an issue yesterday. Chase surprised me by drinking from a ground-level birdbath. He lacks immunity to any external condition that may attract him. The little fella, full of puppy curiosity, needs those shots.

Dear Friends: He will need managing and anchoring before receiving a shot. Diana



Tuesday 10, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waing Gibbous @65.3%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

I didn’t ask for a work schedule change. I thought about economics, not just money but social.

This is a period of confusing politics and social attitudes. It’s also a time of relative affluence for average Americans. Our wages, savings, and investments are up or holding steadily enough. The Americans who own homes are sitting on a profitable resale market.

I held off asking for a schedule change in these unusual times. Fewer people hunting for jobs are making it difficult to hire. Good employers are bending over backward to retain appreciated employees. My workplace needs a worker where it has placed me.

My decision has to do with fairness. I will hold off on requesting reduced hours and help management by continuing my current schedule and making a decent effort. If my hours remain too wearing, I will request a change.

These are odd times. Ahead is a future of cloudy economics and social attitudes. An individual’s current choices and decisions must consider what’s likely to work out best.

Dear Friends: This replay of cloudiness reflects less confidence in today’s leaders. Diana


Monday 09, 2022

“Flower Moon” in First Quarter @54.9%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

The feed store where I work has a garden department that’s been busy during the last couple of weeks; the weather has been great. Except that yesterday snow fell, enough to leave standing white stuff through afternoon and nighttime. Last evening, employees left work talking about how disappointed those who planted must feel.

This morning, I must be at the store before it opens to ready the chicks. The store has reduced my hours at my request. Now I have a four-day schedule, but it’s too wearing. I close three nights and arrive home late; I open one day but too early after a late evening.

Today, I will ask for a three-day-only schedule. The store needs someone on chicks for four days, so my role will change. I am willing to return to cashiering, would be okay closing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then being off Mondays through Thursdays.

I’ve enjoyed the chicks and am glad to have been responsible for them. I’ve learned a lot, met friendly people, and had fun. However, the physicality of chick maintenance and care has increased as more chick quantities arrive regularly for summer sales. Late and early working hours, and the business of caring for chicks, interfere with responsibilities at home.

I hope the store will work out a better schedule for me, and now I must rush.

Dear Friends: Plus, chicks are tempting; already, I have too many of them. Diana