Rockin’ On

Staying warm (Pixel 1)

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Way in the background of this photo Rosie stands beside her loafing shed, looking upward toward my car. I’ve just arrived, still am in the driver’s seat and photographing the “little story” that’s this statue. I’m captured often by snow’s beauty, its colors, textures, and forms. Now, I’ll add that snow is funny, like how it coats this donkey.

I had returned home from visiting my sister who at nearly 88 years of age and skinny as a rail remains alert, witty, and eccentric. We were discussing a shared experience from many years ago when she interrupted me and corrected my memory. I said she was wrong, and she denied it, sticking to her ground. It’s never made a lick of sense to argue with that stubborn woman, and she managed to make me doubt myself. I still wonder who’s version is accurate.

A couple of changes are noticeable. She’s less focused on the past, and for example, no longer determined to discover a way to get the heck out of Bend and back to her home in Arizona. She’s less compulsive about her appearance, no longer insisting on beauty creams and lipsticks, and unlike anytime in the past, has long hair. She always was, and despite the ravages of age, still is pretty.

I gather from her nurse and her social worker that my sister remains as manipulative as ever. She refuses examinations (aside from the briefest and most routine), medications (aside from the daily 5 pills that she understands and has accepted), and time-filling activities (videos, music recordings, books, writing materials), preferring for herself days and nights with Turner Classic Movies. Every person who’s ever come into contact with my sister has stories about her to tell, and I never hear anything new, that throughout my life, others haven’t already said about her.

As a sage would say, she is as she is.

BTW, early yesterday, I snapped a bird on a feeder through a screened window. A casual and potential throwaway, that became a cool little capture I like lots.

Rising Sun & Junco (Pixel 1)

Dear Friends, Thanks for your interest and support for my sister and me. Diana

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