Spring Reprise

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The horses were delighted to return to pasture after weeks of snow and ice. It still was icy on the footpath from home to our neighbor’s driveway, until reaching the pasture where we didn’t see snow. The horses raced freely and found new popping grasses. Ah, warming weather!

My own property is clearing of snow, but the job of leading horses through that still-snowy pathway to my neighbor’s required me wearing boots with serious cleats. I had to tread carefully while, yet again, arguing with Rosie over who’ll lead. To her credit, Rosie is a very smart and well-trained horse, wouldn’t hurt a flea or think about running amok, but if she thinks she can get away with something, she’s pushy. She doesn’t enjoy walking slightly behind, where I want her to be, and keeps me having to yank on the lead rope and mutter, “Get back!”. I’m simply a gnat to the Jolly Green Giant.

This never ends, and we always reach our destination and its rewards. I love seeing the horses looking healthy in a natural environment. As an extra perk, I saw an observing Red Tailed Hawk perched above that pasture, an irresistible photo op.

Maybe the hawk watched a nest near that pasture’s pond? My turning loose the horses disturbed a pair of geese, far enough away, but honking and screeching in my direction, and then flying off. Later, I saw them return and wondered if the pair has stashed eggs, or maybe hatchlings? I’ll try to avoid disturbing the geese while keeping a close eye on them to clarify and perhaps taking photos.

Dear Friends, Have a wonderful day. Diana

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