Shaking Off Winter


Sunday, April 14, 2019

While outside, walking in circles to lunge Sunni, I managed to grapple for my phone, and surprisingly, caught a photo. After months of not moving around, that was her first time being asked to exercise. I didn’t push beyond insisting on a steady trot, and she responded lazy-like as the photo suggests.

Early on that slightly chilly and very windy day, I decided to start working toward a goal with the horses. An initial problem was getting myself out of the house, which did happen. Before lunging Sunni, I first worked with Rosie who’s a little higher strung. She volunteered some minutes of cantering before settling into a trot. Exercising is a necessity, and happily for both horses (soon also Pimmy), we’re getting into action.

There would be no workouts for the girls before each received a serious session of brushing and combing, during which enough winter hair came off the two to create an entire sofa. From where they were tied outside, high winds blew their coat, mane, and tail discards straight into my barn.

Coming out of those lazy winter months, the equines are in good condition, and although soft from standing around, their weights are appropriate. My original intent was to harness and ground drive the horses, and start preparing them for cart driving, but the gusty, chilly winds were discouraging. As it turned out, lunging them without making many demands was the right ticket for us all.

As for me, it’s about time to start moving after months simply of bringing the horses in to feed and afterwards turning them out. The handling of them while ground driving and later cart driving is hard work. Those recent months of inactivity might push me back to a public gym for necessary self-strengthening.

Yesterday, several lots of deer, in little herds, roamed through the property. While starting toward the barn to begin working with the horses, I was surprised to find eight does grazing beside my path. It especially was nice to observe that since early spring they’ve gained weight, no hipbones sticking out. They watched, not seeming very worried as I slowed, and in an easy, nonthreatening manner pulled out my phone and took their photo.

Dear Friends, I hope you’re having fun, greeting this new spring. Diana

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