Bad Hair Daze

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sunni, you need a haircut! But no fear, on my watch it won’t happen again. She’s the one who inherited a long thick mane; her full sister, Rosie, got a thinner mane but has a bigger tail. I like to keep both brushed and combed, but not in the winter when its too cold for me to stand working on them. Besides anyway, they’re always winter-filthy from standing in rain and rolling in mud.

We’re cycling through a spring comb-out that’ll continue another week. So far, they’ve shed enough winter coat and mane to create a dummy horse. Fortunately, the donkey isn’t yet shedding, will keep her winter bear-fur until nearly mid-summer when again I’ll wield the coat-strippers.

A year or so ago, Sunni’s trainer “pulled her mane”, meaning that she reduced the foot-long wave that adorned my horse’s neck to a trail of inch-long stubble. And then, she handed me a box of tiny rubber bands and suggested that I BRAID! Oh, Hello!

Fortunately now, Sunni’s mane is all grown out. Maybe in a fancy parade so much mane wouldn’t enhance a neckline, but I love the natural fly-swatter she sports.

Sunni could care less.

Dear Friends, have a wonderful day. Diana

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