Rosie’s Renewal Team

Dr. Paul & Rosie

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rosie is my 22-year-old mare who’s lately not been asked to do much work. I hope to return her to action by starting to hitch and drive her. Her earliest years were as a driving horse, a role she knows well, and again n0w she needs a job. We’re only getting started on this path, because I’m a new driver who finally knows my role in a hoped for collaboration.

Yesterday, Rosie went to Dr. Paul Edmonds who had determined that she needed chiropractic work. She stood quietly, without objecting, while he pushed and pulled on her every inch. He worked on straightening her hips and aligning her spine from head to tail. Dr. Paul was very thorough, in aligning her body his goal was to adjust the action of Rosie’s rear legs and feet.

Rosie moves in a manner that’s “narrow in the rear”. While she trots, her left back foot tends slightly to cross over to the front of her right back foot. Ideally, her rear legs would move straighter, more sturdily apart. Dr. Paul estimates that her “off movements” are caused by out-of-alignment hips. He sees while she’s trotting that Rosie’s right hip dips and rises less than her right hip.

So, we’re fixing her.

Today is stage two of straightening Rosie’s legwork. Our farrier understands corrective shoeing and will adjust her hooves. He’ll shape each, to suit Rosie’s conformation and make it optimal to its task. Then he’ll create shoes that will balance each hoof to support the desired rear action. We’ll ultimately see while she’s in motion, adequate space between her back legs and that her hooves rise and land evenly.

The third stage, my daily responsibility, will be exercising Rosie to strengthen her readjusted body and reinforce improved moving. She’ll be long-lined–or controlled by 30-foot ropes and asked circle, trotting in both directions–with me handling her ropes. After Rosie appropriately has become stronger, she can be hitched.

Rosie’s team includes our driving trainer who’ll provide guidance and techniques to help return the renewed Rosie to action.

Dear Friends, accomplishing nearly any worthwhile goal “takes a village”. Diana

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