Rainy Day Hike

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The rains continued, and once the horses were exercised, there were a couple of extra hours for an outing with the dogs. We piled into the Jeep to travel toward a desert-like area, it’s alongside a large canal that several years ago my friends, Julie and Dave, discovered and kindly shared with me. Floating on the canal, geese families with babies honked at my dogs. Plants on our path were moisture-covered and shiny. Before long the dogs were soaked, and before we finished walking, my wet camera failed.

That wet weather created an almost dim atmosphere, but close observations of landscape details revealed myriads of sparkles.

Drops of water and sparks of light dramatized all the plants, many of which were very tiny.

The plants largest, most common, and dramatic were the Antelope brush. It abundantly lined our path, helping to guide us in a direction that eventually looped to the car.

Miles & Ranger, with Antelope brush

There’s something wonderful about walking in the rain. It’s about not caring much if you’re wet, your shoes muddy, your cell phone struggling, and are with muddy dogs that will dirty the car. You feel in another time, gain a different perspective, and are freer from worries. Besides, a gentle rain makes a day more beautiful.

Dear Friends, thanks for joining us on a lovely, rainy afternoon. Diana

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Hike

  1. Nice photos. We love that area. We’d hate to see the canals piped! The dogs would miss their swimming hole and Nick will fetch sticks for quite awhile😊

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