Memorializing Moments

Early Evening Over Bend

Monday, May 27, 2019

My complaining yesterday morning about all the rains we’ve had didn’t do a bit of good, as for most of that day the wet stuff continued on and off. Plus, the sunless and chilly day made me unable to force myself outside to exercise the horses. Now, I struggle to remember what I did all day, before the approach of early evening when I finally ventured outside with two goals: (1) feed animals, and (2) take pictures with a new zoom lens to decide if it’s worth keeping.

Yesterday afternoon’s clouds were incredibly huge and pillowy clusters, but they mostly disappeared after a brief and intense rainstorm. By the time I wandered outside the sky had softened, with its remaining and still attractive clouds far less dramatic.

Whatever caused it–cloud action or rain activity–the Robins were different. Some stayed put in very visible positions, guarding their nests while singing communications and warnings. The pair that first caught my eye stayed locked in place for a surprisingly long while, during the ten minutes or so that I stood watching them.

Robin Pair

While marveling at their beauty, I could hear another bird’s continuing calls from a distance. I decided to trek around the house, to its other side where there are other large trees, hoping to learn the kind of bird calling and maybe spotting it. Its sounds were rather like a Solitaire’s, but so had been the sounds of those two Robins. I was confused.

Solitary Robin

That noisy bird turned out to be–another Robin!–atop a tall juniper and highly visible. Perhaps it’s not so weird that Robins can sound somewhat like Solitaires, for the species are close relatives in the thrush family. I’ve become accustomed to listening to Robins, they’re among the noisiest and most communicative of birds, and of watching many as they hunt day after day. Yesterday, those normally busy birds seemed a little different, I’ll mostly attribute this to stormy weather.

Before ending my little journey in an early dim outside, I’ll post a capture that for some reason fascinates me enough to make a note of it.

Branches Against Sky

Today is beginning like yesterday (moments ago, we had an intense brief rainstorm). I’ll plan to venture outside later, hopefully to find various conditions of natural lighting, and explore again with my trial lens. So far, it’s delivered beyond my expectations.

Dear Friends, Memorial Day is our group reminder of loved ones forever dear. Diana

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