Foster Lake, Oregon

Foster Lake

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Whenever I cross the mountains to attend sessions with our driving trainer, I stop for a while to explore Sweet Home, an old community, or pause at its nearby Foster Lake. This lovely lake, which though popular often is quiet, greets drivers entering the community. Sighting it is an invite to a welcome respite after an hour of grappling with Tombstone Canyon’s narrow, twisty roads.

Foster Lake is an area with easy-entry and ample parking for a truck and horse trailer. It offers picnic tables for weary travelers and locals who have time to sit awhile in sunshine.

It’s a beautiful spot in which to lose oneself. A walk along its banks means strolling alongside stretches of thick Blackberry bushes. Right right they’re heavy with baby berries, almost mouth-watering, but immature. According to my plant identification app, these correctly are “Armenian Blackberry” bushes.

As if it’s not enough to hang out beside the lake itself, there’s a larger landscape with lots of opportunistic pop-ups. Among others, there are blackberry sprouts mingled with wildflowers. Here’s a closeup of one of the larger berry sprouts surrounded by tiny wildflowers, and beside it a generic closeup of those lil’ wildflowers

While studying the field’s plants, I didn’t recall previously having seen the widespread pink wild flower, but of course, my phone app identified the little pinks as filaree. A bit more research revealed that filaree is an invasive plant, and a member of the geranium family–no wonder I liked it! Reportedly, filaree is one of the first flowers to appear after winter rains–and the Foster Lake area, west of the Cascades and near Oregon’s western side, receives many rains.

Foster Lake Shelter

After checking on the horses and rewarding their patience over the long haul with chunks of banana, I took pictures. Afterward, I parked on a bench beside the shelter, munched on a turkey sandwich, and contemplated small waves.

It’s characteristic of bodies of water surrounded by flowering greenery to magically erase any worries and stresses we might bring to them. They offer a sense of “lost in this moment” that becomes everything meaningful.

Dear Readers, have a wonderful day. Diana

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