Like A Two-Sided Coin

Poppy and Sunni

Sunday, June 02, 2019

This year, the rains, winds, and chilly days have made it harder to comprehend that we’re nearly halfway through 2019. Can you believe, the summer solstice arrives on June 21. That brings our longest daylights, gets many of us feeling like it’s too short a spread before winter, clock turn-backs, and darker days.

We’re accustomed to solar transitions that affect natural light, but this year’s early months haven’t been so bright. Now in June, we with large animals find ourselves with a relatively short window to find hay, and have it delivered and stacked. And we with horses start feeling like ahead are too few playing-with-them months, prior to cold weather and snow.

I’m jumping ahead, for finally it’s become warm enough to skip the long underwear, and in fact, be courageous and wear t-shirts. During my part-time work at Costco, lots of summery-looking folks in shorts and flip-flops push past with shopping carts. It’s easy to spot people who have horses. They’re often sporting shirts or jackets with horsey themes, usually wearing worn jeans, solid-looking boots, and sometimes a cowboy hat. They’re kindred spirits, for I know that aside from the business of groceries, their thoughts are on such as hay, farriers, fencing, and mucking.

Rosie watching me approach with her halter

The other side of these worries is sheer pleasure. We’re at last in summer and despite its suddenness, have time ahead to enjoy our large animals. As well as our smaller ones, like dogs, and for example my own dog, Miles. He waits yearning for an opportunity to be let free, to run where the horses are hanging out and busily herd one or all of them.

Don’t worry, Miles, for in this summer will be other ways to make sure you and your buddies have lots of fun.

Dear Friends, the best way to cast off worries is to go on a trip, just flat leave ’em. Diana

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