Fresh Start

Broken Top & South Sister, bathed in blues

Friday, June 28, 2019

Hello to a cloudless sky–the first thing I noticed upon waking today. To be sure, I walked outside, looked around, and found above only blues. This sky is quite in contrast to those in the past several days. They covered us with thick roiling clouds and delivered huge doses of thunder and lightening, rain and hail. This very welcome change will make today lovely. If our sky stays as clear as now, the July 4th picnics will win out.

I worked yesterday and saw crowds of baskets roll by, loaded with all sorts of makings for hot dogs, hamburgers, and items to be grilled. Shoppers were in good moods and seemed excited about planned events. It wasn’t a day for teasing, even those we know as very fastidious eaters, about pushing carts loaded with meat-heavy foods.

The population is expanded from visiting relatives and curious tourists. The streets so full of vehicles that driving is slow and stopping for red lights frequent. For me, it’s a mitzvah–working on the same side of town where I live. In my experience, driving to the “other side” feels like I’m coping all over again with L.A. street traffic.

A co-worker reminded me that July 4 is the date of the annual Pet Parade. Whew!, for I must get my crowd-pleasing donkey Pimmy ready to march. She’ll need a bump-up of her red, white, and blue costume, and also maybe a new hat sporting pretty spring flowers. We had a great time marching last year. The mile and a half is a venue that’s crowded, noisy, full of excitement, and where Pimmy is a popular sight. I’ll talk to a friend who has small grandchildren. They love the donkey and one or both kids might be able to ride her in the Parade.

Dear Readers, it’s amazing, how suddenly a new quiet sky elevates moods. Diana

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