Ah, Beauty & Beasts

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

With the horses, I’m heading over the mountains to Lebanon, and this time, will take a longer route by traveling through Scio. It’s been years since we’ve gone in that direction, but now, a friend is buying a home in Scio. This motivates me to look again at that lovely little town surrounded by covered bridges and large bee hives. I hope to capture some of its charm with a camera.

Otherwise of course, our purpose for this trip is to have a couple of sessions with our driving trainer. With Rosie hitched, we’ll practice driving on the streets, and with Sunni hitched, we’ll practice driving accurately and rapidly through a complex cones maze (without hitting a single cone).

A big show is coming up, at Inavale Farms (near Lebanon). I don’t feel ready to compete, but next summer Sunni and I will enter. Sunni is a solid-as-a-rock performer, she’s ready to go. But Rosie’s rehabilitation has captured too much attention and energy for me to focus on driving competitively. So, next year!

Dear Friends, What might have been–had I ignored that whim for a horse! Diana

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