Bears, Lions, Tigers, Oh My!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

So, I decided to have some extra fun with Sunni and drive her in a BLM-like area under local power lines. The area’s rocky entrance bounces my cart and almost unseats me, so I look down focusing on the wheels and path. When Sunni hesitated, I looked up. A small herd of cows at a nearby fence stock-still staring at us. Sunni’s reins communicated near-explosive tension. If she took off, wheels on those rocks would toss me from the cart.

I spoke softly, “just walk” and thank heavens, she did, while closely eyeing those cattle, which didn’t move. I thought about riding Sunni in years past and felt grateful for occasionally having had her near grazing cattle in herds. Simultaneously, I felt most thankful that the pulling horse was my solid Sunni. Her sister, Rosie, might have leaped into action, as if having spotted Cerce’s aggressive sister, Paisphae, six-headed and with mouthfuls of teeth long as a man’s leg.

Driving a horse is more dangerous than riding. The driver is sitting in a vehicle, about a dozen feet behind the horse, and applying control with long reins. Success rests on a horse’s experience and temperament, a vehicle’s overall stability, and how expertly one handles 12-foot reins.

Only once has Sunni been a challenge, and then, not much of one. Our path went past a couple of penned spotted goats. Upon our appearance, the goats were stationary, but suddenly moved surprising the horse. Sunni turned our cart around, and then, immediately stopped and stood still.

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Many times, Sunni and I have driven under the local power lines. We’ve entered and passed that large fenced area without seeing another living being. A lesson for me is to keep one eye up while focusing the other on our pathway. Another is to explore, in my Gater, a new area, for anything potentially frightening, before driving Rosie there.

Dear Friends: Success is a mixed bag, and one must keep trying. Diana

One thought on “Bears, Lions, Tigers, Oh My!

  1. I’m glad you were driving Sunni. You are brave to drive at all. I trust Ducky a lot but feel more secure riding. You seem to manage well but you have taken the learning process carefully and with good coaching. Kudos to you and your good Morgans. Great breed.

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