Afternoon of Shoeing

Slow process, trying to remain patient

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Yesterday, our farrier was here. He doesn’t work rapidly, is specific, careful, and knows how to correct a horse’s stance and movement. After all, he’s been working on horse hooves for about 30 years, loves his job, and has a thousand or so stories about horses, trainers, other farriers, injuries, accidents, and just plain anything ya might wanna know.

He self-describes as a learned professional, is self-confident and maybe a bit arrogant but it’s okay. I’ve spotted arrogance in people who know too little, and for sure, this fellow isn’t that type. He sees accurately what’s needed, knows what he’s talking about, and delivers what he intends to accomplish.

He’s not from this area, divides his time between Bishop, CA, and Bend where he has close friends. He’s cared for the hooves of hard-working horses, mules, and donkeys, understands the differences among their hoof structures and the stresses of their work. He takes excellent care of my athletic horses, and trims little Pimmy correctly.

Yesterday, he was delighted over Rosie’s hooves. They’ve grown stronger. He noted with what he described as “true awe”, that despite her rather small overall size her hooves are “very large”. I’d never given this a blink, for to my eye her hooves are about right. I noted though when he began working on Sunni (overall more little than Rosie) that her hooves are much smaller. Nonetheless, the end result is that the farrier has protected the feet of both horses. They’re wearing pads (to absorb the impact of traveling on pavement), underscored by heavy metal. It’s burned into my brain that at all costs my pitiful boot-clad toes must be out of the way of any shod hoof!

There’s an interesting note having to do with Sunni’s one hoof that had suffered a severe injury when she was a foal. Although the hoof is strong and doesn’t cause problems, the old injury created a brittle section that periodically pops out and then regrows. Now, it appears that Sunni’s shoes have cushioned and supported the brittle section so that it remains in place. That’s a biggie.

Dear Friends: All us girls are good to go for another six weeks. Diana

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