Brain Tripping

Tuesday, August 06 2019

I’m lucky to have a bit of land and barn, a few equines, and some dogs. (Well, assorted others, too: a cockatoo, canary, pigeon, some goldfish, and a cat.) They create a busy and calming space. But a person needs other people, and I force myself into a more public world by working part-time and following national trends. The larger world introduces a tangle of murders, guns, politics and money. It causes insecurity and doubts for a healthy future, or any future at all.

In today’s NYT, a scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence asserts that it will be possible to build robots programmed to kill independently, and without showing definable origins. Ultimately, these robots could be created cheaply and easily (for example, by using 3-D printers). They could be programmed to kill certain types of persons (children, mothers, fathers, politicians, etc.) randomly, or specifically by adding software with facial recognition.

I’m sorry to have learned that and feel apologetic for speaking about it, for it adds to fears for the future. Because human curiosity and aggression is what it is, someone will start (if not already) tinkering with warlike robots. Goodness gracious!

Many people avoid much of the larger world because it’s too uncomfortable, unbelievable, and interrupts what they might prefer to think about or become involved in. I understand their shutting-out of fears and doubts. Although I’m somehow compelled to absorb much of the outer environment, I also have a method of “shutting out”.

Mine is to to retrieve a sense of balance by diving into my little world. It has horses to clean up after and play with; dogs to clean up after and hike with, and assorted captivating critters that fascinate and entertain to create fun moments. It has trees to limb, rocks to move, fences to build, and paths to design.

I’m certain that most people have some sort of private space where they seek calm and comfort when it’s needed. Otherwise, we’d never be able to absorb all we’re learning that’s both real and possible. We certainly are becoming smarter from the technology and sociology that impacts even the most private among us.

Dear Friends: It’s about accepting and learning to survive in a new world. Diana

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