The Good Badlands

Friday, August 09, 2019

I laughed out loud on stumbling across this photo, snapped on an afternoon years ago as I rode Sunni. We were in the Badlands, a large Federal Wilderness area east of town. Ahead of us, my pony, Merry Leggs, is trotting at liberty and leading Ranger and Louie. This picture brings up great memories of that adorable pony, how I loved her.

Today, I’ll load Sunni and head toward similar trails. We’ll meet up with our friend, Julie, for a little driving on Bend’s east side. Julie’s going to show us where to find wide and sandy trails good for driving a horse. Some of those trails lead to the Badlands and should be worth another visit soon.

I always want to take pictures while driving a horse. I love the combination of pathway, horse-butt motor, terrain and sky. But busy hands can’t handle a camera. Today, with Julie on board maybe we’ll have some pictures!

Yesterday, my impulse was to take Sunni, she’s super easy to drive. There’s another nagging thought, to take Rosie instead. Both mares are nice to drive out on trails. My “push-button Sunni” could care less where we’re driving and goes willingly. Rosie, on the other hand, seems more at ease more on BLM or Wilderness trails than when she’s traveling on paved neighborhood streets. I’ve a bit of time before heading toward the barn to capture a horse, and don’t feel like doing any chasing, so they’ll help me decide which to take. Either is a fine choice.

Anyway, I’ve already loaded the cart into the horse trailer, and also couldn’t help loading the driving tack for both horses, because I couldn’t decide. Stay tuned!

Dear Friends: If pretty little Merry Leggs still were with me, she’d be driving, too. Diana

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