Most Wonderful Mare

Thursday, August 28, 2019

I’ve hustled to create another video, this time of Sunni being driven on neighborhood streets. It’s short and slightly boring because this mare is cooperative and great, without spooks, swerves, or worries. She performs as asked for as long as her driver wants.

That’s why she’s going with me today, to Lebanon, to attend a driving clinic. We’ll ride with and learn from a person who wins frequently in driving competitions. We’ll actually make the trip twice, today and again on Saturday. Today, we’ll work on dressage in the arena, and on Saturday, we’ll be in the field to make timed runs over courses arranged with cones and obstacles.

The advantage of partnering with a dependable and trusted horse is that she will leave me free to concentrate on accuracy in order to save precious seconds. We can be speedy by using short-cuts to hasten finishing a course. That’s exactly as we would do in real competitions. Thankfully, having a great horse is a relief, but as for me–myself not so great. I’ve a chronic problem of not quickly finding my right hand or my left. If my deficit results (often the case) in asking Sunni to take wrong directions, our time will fade away.

I’ve tried really hard to find ways to get “right” right. Must keep trying, but so far this lifelong pain in the behind sticks.

Anyway, this day will be a fine one to get into my head another voice of authority along with that of our trainer. Meanwhile, you might enjoy a relaxing 30 seconds of touring the neighborhood with Sunni and me. Here’s the link:

Dear Friends: This hobby of driving, it’s creating a life of its own. Diana

4 thoughts on “Most Wonderful Mare

  1. Sunni is such a delight! Listening to this video you can see why so much music is based on 4 beats. That clip just begs for a bright musical addition ❤️ Easily the basis for so much!

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  2. That’s very perceptive of you, and thank you! Your observation reminds me that throughout every drive hearing hoofbeats generates a repeating tune in my head. Often I sing out loud, it just works for me and communicates with the horse. Some old American songs fall right into the pattern, like “Oh Susanna” or “Camptown Races”, plus tunes from the 60s and 70s can accommodate to the beat. We are musical creatures!


  3. Sunni is awesome😊. I had a lovely cool ride on Ducky in the area off Rickard where you drove her with me. We are lucky to have these wonderful Morgan partners. 🤗🐎

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  4. Hi Diana,Nice video! Makes me remember our little drive together. Try putting a red bracelet or band on your right wrist. Obstacles are “red on the right”. I have that problem too, because I am left-handed and always assume that is “right”, when it isn’t!




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