Fall Morning On The Ranch

Slightly beyond 6 a.m.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Rain last night sounded friendly through a door left open to the small deck off my bedroom. I was cozy under lots of covers, off and on listening to rain. Early today, dressed in a winter jacket, and holding between my bare hands a mug with coffee, I went downhill to the barn. The large animals know exactly when they’re to be fed, and as usual, Rosie screamed greetings. She pawed the ground, as usual, deepening the ditch that I must step into in order to get to and halter her.

Once the horses were stalled and eating, I turned to the goats. Like the horses, they know when they’re to be fed, and like Rosie, keep me apprised with constant bleats. Happily, the goats don’t create ditches. Once they and their four companion hens were eating, I turned to the weeds.

Early moring ground damp is a good time to carve out a few minutes and pull the most offensive weeds, Russian Thistle. A very long-time friend says it’s a waste to write about pulling weeds, just not interesting. Another friend, living in my neighborhood who also has to pull Russian Thistle, disagrees. We locals are of a mind, focused on keeping the noxious weed from taking over. Anyway, with apologies to one friend who doesn’t pull weeds and in tribute to another who does, I’ll just note on the topic that this morning a half-hour went to weed-pulling.

It’s fall! Adjusting to the changing weather and diminishing light, and thinking about what’s changing and what must change, I remind myself that adjustments occur annually and step-by-step all will fall into place. Yes, despite anything unexpected because of global warming.

Dear Friends: September through mid-November are lovely in Central Oregon! Diana

2 thoughts on “Fall Morning On The Ranch

  1. Hi Diana,

    I have been enjoying your blogs. Not fall here, by a long shot! 90+ and humid still, although nights are bearable now. Hurricaine didn’t do much damage here, thank God. We evacuated inland for one night. More trouble than it was worth, though those who stayed said the worst of the storm was in the middle of the night, so at least we slept well in Greenville, SC – 4 hours drive!

    Hi to the critters. Very proud of your progress. Hope to come back some day and navigate for you!

    Best, Peggy



  2. It’s good to hear from you. I thought you still were in Europe! But you’re in the States, and living where exactly? I appreciate much that you follow my blogs, and of course, always your kind comments. The horses and I have exceeded my expectations, and now, it’s about deciding what next steps to take. Will you be returning to Bend?


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