Saturday, September 21, 2019

I attended a meeting of the local driving club at the ranch of a member who has a large arena for driving. The area was set up with a course for circling obstacles and going through cone-windows. I didn’t have with me a horse because it was my first visit to this ranch. I didn’t know how easy or difficult it might be to pull a trailer in and out of the parking area, but after all, there was plenty of space.

Several drivers were warming up, and to my surprise, only one who I knew already. She and her horse are quite experienced and they handled the course without hiccups. What caught my eye was the cutest mini, and maybe the fattest one I’ve ever seen, pulling a cart. I should have taken a picture of him! The photo above is an internet capture that shows minis cute and appealing. The real alive version is a heart grabber, you want to hug that pony!

We musn’t kid ourselves, a little bitty horse still is a horse. It has a horse temperament and often is the king or queen among its family of bigger horses. The littles, equally with the bigs, need correct feeding, controlled pasture grass time, teeth floated, hooves trimmed, manes and tails brushed, routine supplements and medical treatments.

Anyway back to the casual driving event and this particular little horse. He’s 20 years old, had been a breeding stallion for his first 10-12 years, and also while young had been shown as a driving mini. His current family recently adopted him, after he’d been mostly-sitting around for several years. Now they’re giving him a new life. Even very overweight, in his driving run, he exhibited energy and speed and knew his job. Driving melts fat and builds muscle, he’ll become greater with action.

I love his story. A horse in its twenties has been around the block, is trained, can behave and knows how to trailer. To my mind, its twenties are perfect years for riding and driving. Here’s the bottom line: Horses love to work, and every horse needs a job!

Cuteness is a winning factor. I couldn’t help myself on coming home and feeling ready to go online looking for a mini or two! I keep self-reminding that the littles need everything the biggies need. Besides, my own hands are full.

I will try to help our driving club build its calendar of activities and beef up it’s membership. Participating in the club will help to create more venues for local driving horses, and besides, let me enjoy the beautiful horses and cute ponies that belong to others.

Dear Readers: Pimmy needs training, she’s fun, cute, and could be “my mini”! Diana

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