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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I have on my mind that we (the dogs, birds, cat and me) will have company for a few days this week. It’s a challenge to do ordinary stuff, like my usual time-consuming activities with horses, while there’s a disorganized house to put into better order. This happens whenever something offers to alter my routines, and somehow in the end, everything works out okay.

Honestly, I enjoy having company. It’s a wonderful thing to have my routines broken up and folks around to talk with, to replace an ongoing muttering to myself. This is a chronic habit, even as I stand in a grocery store aisle. I find myself debating aloud whether to or not to select a product. The grocery story blathering used to disturb me (after all, isn’t it that folks who talk aloud to themselves are a little crazy?), but in discussing this habit with other folks, I discovered many admitting to doing the same self-talking. Now, I don’t worry and talk-on-to-myself whenever I feel like it.

The nice thing about having the company of friends is that we’re okay with being idiosyncratic. This week, with guests here I’ll stick to most of my routines. We’ll all be horse-folks anyway who tend to be at least a little nutty. Let’s be honest, one has to be slightly off to keep large animals and shell out, paying for never-ending training, feeding, and care needs. If I think back over my years of horse ownership (few as they’ve been compared to other horse-folks), I could have, maybe should have used my resources in better ways. But there, I stop. “What better ways?”. I can’t conjure up more substantial types of goals I might have wished to pursue–and so, my investment has been good. The ROIs from my animals have been emotional, and overall more pleasurable than not, so these years have suited me well.

My visiting friends and I will have much in common, including our emotional connections to my horses. (Sunni and Rosie came to me after having flowed through my visitors’ lives). It’ll be fun to welcome these friends. But now, gotta go. Just spotted a cobweb!

Dear Friends: Thanks for staying with me, nothing beats having friends. Diana

One thought on “Friends

  1. I am sure you will enjoy Jean and Elaine! I am in Bozeman with dear friends. I will leave early tomorrow morning for home to hand off the keys of his truck to Dave who will head down to camp with all his brothers (2) and hopefully our Matt. The trailer has worked flawlessly and I have seen so much beautiful country and enjoyed hanging out with various friends. I feel fortunate indeed. 😊🙋‍♀️❤️

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