Early Snow

Monday, September 30, 2019

Really, how can it be, that even before getting into October we’re already having snowfalls? Could it be so, that the coming winter will turn out to be colder and snowier than last year’s? Yesterday, why didn’t I mind hurrying through a dawning light to feed the horses while bundled in ski pants and Irish wool? And what about yesterday’s freezing rain, you know, that all-day drizzle?

Already, the house thermostat’s automatic workings have activated the heat pump. It seemed awfully early to go find heated blankets and include them in the bedding. I suppose it’s appropriate to shift into the right frame of mind to deal with a significant seasonal change. Just think, over in Wyoming they’re already having to cope with at least two feet of deep new snow. Last evening, while feeding horses, I looked into the readiness of a snow blower that waits in the barn for the kind of winter that forces it to blow pathways to and from the horses. Today, I’ll check the readiness of another snowblower parked in the garage, for demolishing snow piled around the house and easing navigation, by vehicle or on foot, of my steep driveway.

In the last several weeks, the horses have turned fuzzier. In fact, these days after being driven, their sweating patterns aren’t from overwork, but clearly caused by their much heavier coats. Horse folks in winter’s depth can push bare cold hands deep into a horse’s coat and feel warmth emanating from the animal’s body. Observing my dogs, it’s evident that they, too, have shed themselves of summer hairs, their coats now appearing fluffier and thicker. My Border Collie, Miles, who’s big coat (full of knots and tangles early in the summer) got shaved finally is regrowing. His new coat looks weird but will keep him warm, and once fully reestablished should return him to his handsome self.

Right now, it’s very early as I write. While pausing to let the dogs outside, I see brand new snow shallowly covering, that quickly will melt away. But there’s something disconcerting about facing the white stuff right now, and technically, while it’s still what we know as early fall.

Anyway now, it’s time to stop wondering. I must hurry to climb into those ski pants and button up that great wool sweater. It’s time for my early morning downhill trek to feed the waiting horses.

Dear Friends: Winter generates mixed feelings, but it’s arrival also is exciting. Diana

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