Saturday, October 05, 2019

Never could I have visualized myself willing to read online. I’d leave that for x-gens, millennials, and geeks. For me, it’s been a lifetime of reading newspapers, magazines, and books, printed on paper. Here’s what’s best about books: If the writing is good, I enjoy holding it, turning pages, and occasionally pausing to consider and evaluate what’s being communicated. That’s who I am, give me hard-cover books and complex movies.

The avoidance of reading online began changing a few years ago after I made a tough decision to subscribe to online newspapers. They’re cheaper! I began reading articles, at first reluctantly, and finally, without realizing it just clicking and absorbing. There are many very good writers creating for major (and some less major) newspapers; there are fine contributors to high-end magazines. I’ll even admit these days to seeking online contributions of my favorite writers.

Reconsidering my earlier reluctance and what’s driven this change, it’s been a combination of current confusing national and world politics and a desire for explanations. News contributors supply details that may elaborate and help support or sway a reader’s perceptions. So now, I read online. But suddenly, there’s more.

I’ve downloaded to my Kindle a newly-published book. I don’t use a Kindle itself, but my phone’s Kindle app makes a book readable. For the first time, I’m starting to read a book on my phone. Unbelievably, it’s working. I can sit, read, concentrate, and with a touch of my thumb flip pages. This process hasn’t constrained my ability to concentrate and absorb.

Today, one of my subscriptions emailed that I’m eligible for a once-monthly free book. Encouraged by my phone-Kindle experience, I looked at the newspaper’s offerings, and bingo, saw a title I had considered ordering from Amazon. This new deal isn’t available for the Kindle app, and now, I had to install BookShout, another ebook reading app. It’s a little different and maybe less easy to read, but this is moving me beyond Kindle on phone and laptop.

My phone lets me read and listen (when it’s more convenient, like while driving or shopping). The main thing is, I’m making the switch from handheld print to online apps. That I am doing so begs the question, what’s next! For starters, I’ve long been interested in trying to learn code. A friend for many years has begun encouraging me to write for online readers and self-publish. These have seemed beyond my capabilities–like my stumbles in trying to create rope knots–but maybe if one tries everything’s doable.

Anyway this moment is about reading online–something once beyond my wildest imagination.

Dear Friends: Despite ourselves, living pushes us toward new experiences. Diana

2 thoughts on “A’Changing

  1. But but………… I am reading a new hardcover book by Barry Lopez (Horizon) and underlining sections that grab me. I like looking at favorite books and seeing what resonated with me earlier. I tried using a Kindle. Could not really adjust but what a great resource for long distance travelers. I need to figure out how to listen to books or Podcasts without draining my phone battery. Obviously, when I am driving I can keep it on the charger but when I want to listen at night in my trailer without a hookup, I’d be leery of the battery getting too low. Of course I am usually where I have no reception. Don’t know if that makes a difference. Will ask Matt who listens to Podcasts a lot! Sent from my iPhone


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  2. You have good study habits. Most of the apps do allow underlining, and many books include already underlined sections that stood out to readers. I suppose in remote locations, it’ll always be best to have some hardcovers along!


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