Tripping Into IOS

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Since early yesterday, I’ve been studying YouTube, to learn the workings of my new bundle of Apple products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. My first time with something besides a droid universe is a slow-going transition.

These components have an unique Apple app, that lets a wristwatch wearer who happens to fall, through his/her phone, call or elect not to call for assistance. It always worries me in working with horses that while “dancing around” with them (horse-folks will understand), it’s possible to trip, hard, over something. For years, I’ve researched wearable devices with push-buttons that call for help, but none meet the needs of one who frequently handles horses.

That is until recently, when my friend who’s an avid Apple guy, explained Apple’s watch-to-phone capabilities if the user suddenly falls. The watch has position and velocity capabilities that recognize a quick, horizontal, hard-landing. The watch allows several seconds, for the alarm to be turned off, before it signalls the iPhone to call for help from back-up contacts and rescue (police) persons, and to provide a GPS-precise location.

To me, switching from droid to IOS is akin to moving into another world. The iPhone has the droid capabilities and much more. It’s technology is amazing, and if I wind up using only part of what’s available, that’ll be a big win.

Right now, I’m not alluding to the phone’s three cameras! YouTube demonstrates that nearly all the other iPhone apps are adjustable in many ways. Even the phone’s outer-case, its push buttons are multi-function. To a wowed newbie, the settings and possibilities seem endless.

All will come together, and meanwhile, though I’ve never tripped badly, I feel more comfortable wearing a cool iWatch. Besides my horses, there are dogs that circle my heels, a cat who “figure 8s” around my ankles, and other unexpected things that may interfere with a hurrying person. Now, if it’s ever necessary to need help, my equipment is right. Besides easing my minute-to-minute mind, the watch/phone might boost my confidence.

Dear Friends: Sure, I’m eager to “get into” those cameras, but first-things first. Diana

2 thoughts on “Tripping Into IOS

  1. Wow. You took the plunge big time. I like that your watch can detect a fall. One of our big concerns too. Enter us on your list of rescuers. šŸ˜Š

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