Winter Plans

Saturday, November 19, 2019

Early today, although it’s dark with lots of rain I must go out and feed the horses, goats, and chickens. This sort of winter-like morning makes me shrink more deeply into my sweater and robe while staring out the window and pouring another cup of coffee. Oddly, around midnight I awoke and saw drifting across the sky a floating, beautiful and very round sphere that backlit the lateral clouds. It seemed to reassure that this morning’s dawn would be lovely.

Not so, and unfortunately, I soon will experience the rain first-hand. Well, that’s what we who keep large animals do and especially for horses. After night’s long stretch without vittles, they need attention. This week, I’ve been tamping down the horses’ energy rations to interfere with their recent wood chewing episodes, and also have been covering exposed wood with chicken wire to discourage chewing. These are my gut ways to lessen casual destruction.

The colder weather in the last couple weeks has discouraged me from driving and left my well-conditioned horses with excess energy. Tomorrow our farrier will arrive to pull horseshoes for the winter, which for me will mark this new season’s real start. Through the winter, I’ll remain active by participating online with the local driving club which usually becomes dormant during winters. Hopefully, good communications will keep drivers interactive through the coldest months. We could plan ahead for spring and summer events and casual outings on public trails next spring.

I’ve little interest in formal showing, but want to continue driving my horses regularly. If we who drive (or would like to drive) do communicate over winter, we’ll be ahead when it’s time to harness up next spring.

Dear Friends: Now, to fit my raincoat to fit over a heavy jacket and hurry outside. Diana

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