Chilly Musings

Broken Top

Sunday, October 27, 2019

This morning, we’re facing a big drop in temperature. It’s 27 degrees compared to last week’s average of 40 degrees. Yesterday, the weather made this dramatic change, and on arriving home from work it seemed a good idea to pull my “system outerwear” from a “winter closet”. It was a good idea for warmer duds supported my being out in an overcast chill and high wind to feed large animals.

I’m slower in coming to grips with this particular season. Although shifting to winter months is old hat, this fall is different since all summer my horses were well fed and exercised. Keeping them in decent physical condition means a gradual shifting to less-activity and calling for regular long-lining exercises. In cold weather harnessing them is harder because the gear becomes stiff. I prefer leaving their harnesses simply to hang until warm weather returns, but will push forward and learn how to work with them.

The worst and best things about having horses is that regardless of weather their needs daily force one outside. I’d choose to spend the upcoming dark, cold days beside a pellet stove, reading or watching television and consuming bowls of delicious stew. But having to get up and go outside is a better thing overall for one’s health and welfare.

Dear Friends: Changes are hard, and the many forced on us keep us flexible. Diana

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