About Physical Strength

Saturday, November 02, 2019

It turns out that daily trudges on the treadmill have nudged my brain to consider stepping-up my exercise game. Of course, as a non-participating gym member, my bank pays monthly for an unused membership. I neither want to kill that membership nor drive through traffic to exercise. Rediscovering my treadmill and reading this book are turning points that elevate my long-zero interest in formal exercising.

Through many years, my favorite role model has come to be RBG. She represents longevity, wisdom, and productivity, and one could add good health to her achievements. Although she’s battled through several rounds of cancer, it’s neither got her down nor done her in. She’s also of solid character, for according to biographical data, she’s always been diligent, hardworking, and straightforward.

Have you seen videos of RBG working out with her long-time trainer (who authored this book)? Can you believe that in her mid-80s she executes such as push-ups, kicks, and front- and side-planks? And that she and this trainer have worked together 20 years to keep her physically strong?

This little book of slightly over 100 well-illustrated pages (available on ebay) is inspiring me to expand my restarted exercise program. The author explains how to perform the Justice’s routines by using equipment available in a gym or by using stretch bands at home. I intend to start my workouts with stretch bands and hope to find my way back to the gym that’s charging me during absences. Honestly, I enjoy working out in a gym but need an appropriate restart program. RBG’s well-illustrated routines are inviting, and most of all, they’re doable.

Dear Friends: It’s never too late to restart strengthening our bodies. Diana

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