Nodding To Vigor

Pilot Butte framed by rain clouds

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Aside from going outside to feed the large animals, I sat inside and transfixed while watching the reality television show: “Impeachment”. It’s not possible to find a taped series with a more complex, fascinating script and actors as on-point.

I felt guilty yesterday for not going outside to exercise the horses, but staying inside appealed beyond televised offerings. The day from early on increasingly grew more cloudy, until finally, a small rain kindly began to assuage my guilt feelings. Yep, a good decision to stay inside.

That evening while outside and feeding, I stood looking upward, captured by the sky’s busyness. The roiling clouds obscured the entire Cascade Mountains. The only visible peak belonged to Bend’s nearby 1,000-ft. Pilot Butte–a reassuring mound, encircled by a mile-long hiking trail that helps local athletes stay in condition.

The sky offered more. Waves of overhead geese were flying northward. I stood staring before remembering the iPhone in my pocket. I grabbed it and managed to catch portions of moving flocks.

These pictures aren’t great, but after long having wanted to capture geese in flight, these are pleasing. Usually, I’m staring, listening, and transfixed by the wonderful birds, forgetting about my camera until too late. Geese simply are beautiful with great energy. They’re forever bonded and as magnificent while moving through the sky as on the ground.

Finally, while returning to the house and playing with my headlight, I illuminated trees against the night sky. The juniper berries appeared highlighted by raindrops. Remembering having enrolled in an art course, I reached for my camera.

It’s no wonder that while perusing today’s newspapers, my eye caught a photo in the Washington Post of an in-blossom Japanese, a breath-catcher and another of Nature’s lovely gifts.

Dear Friends: We pause while everything surrounding us remains in motion. Diana

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