Day Of Trust

Cascades (left to right): Pilot Butte, Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Yesterday I took this panorama in a temperature of about 7- degrees F and with bare hands operating the camera. The morning was clear, beautiful, and oddly, feeling less cold than on previous days that made my hands freeze. I didn’t use a zoom since a telephone zoom tends to pixelate photos. This has captured a range clearly, but with mountains harder to spot and identify unless one knows their locations. An obscuring factor is the clouds creating a partial overcast. But the overall result satisfies enough. I need lessons on how to use phone’s various camera settings, which have lots of potential.

I’ve considered purchasing specialty lenses for my big Canon Camera which takes superb photos but is heavy to haul around. While out hiking with the dogs, everything near and far that the Canon captures, using its self-adjusting point-and-shoot capabilities, is just about perfect. It’s oh so much easier to pull from a pocket a phone capable of producing acceptable photos. And repocketing it–for a free-handed clamour onto a rock pile with the dogs.

More from yesterday morning, prior to leaving for work and after taking care of the outside animals:

Rosie & Pimmy

And finally, Potash, always in-front and claiming as her own a feed bowl.

Potash, Summer, Patchy, Cinderella

In the single-digit temperatures, I left for work leaving the dogs inside and hoping the house would “remain standing”. To be more precise, hoping my cat stayed alive, no dog tangled with Peaches, the bird cages stayed upright, and each dog remembered that he or she had been housebroken. They exceeded my expectations.

Dear Friends: Entering our darkest, shortest month before greeting a new year. Diana

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