Saturday, December 07, 2019

I’m trying to grasp why I fell away from early intense efforts to draw with pen and ink and to write poetry. Once I gained self-confidence and learned to articulate verbally, those needs to draw or to write in abbreviated forms fell away. I still wrote, however, and began creating stories and articles that might capture various interests and activities. The energy needed for creativity–thinking and writing–dwindled after I took on the tangible, unending care of large animals, they really consume energy.

Each winter in darkness and chill, during stretches of staying indoors, I hope to zero in on a new or past interest and learn while passing time. This year is a little different. My sister’s recent passing seems to propel some old and distant wishes to create art and poetry. Perhaps working in abstract helps to offset feelings of loss. I went for it, augmenting my ancient pencils, chalks, and paper with fresh tools. I’d again draw and read and write poetry.

In practice yet again, fantasy has outweighed performance. Composing poems is easy and I liked my initial drafts, spent time reworking them. Meanwhile, reading the poets made me see how much my own poems missed the mark. Similarly in drawing, I created a recognizable freehand sketch of my dog, Louie, dozing in his donut bed. My efforts stopped when I felt confused about how to complete the work. Art after all is about lines, lights and shadows, and knowing how to apply color to integrate a concept.

Enlightenment may be coming. It’s from reading, “Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain”, by Betty Edwards. She asserts that anybody can draw, it’s a matter of recognizing that our brains have two sides, left and right, and knowing how to activate our less dominant and free-seeing “right side”. I could feel the effort of shifting to my right brain in order to see anew my drawing of Louie and re-read my poems.

Oh, this will be all-winter work, more to come!

Dear Friends: Pursue what you love, even if it’s difficult. Gain your wins. Diana

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