Latte, Poetry, Grass

Monday, Secember 09, 2019

I’m sitting in Starbucks and sipping a late afternoon latte late. Usually, this is where I meet friends to discuss politics. Here we huddle without worrying about whether an overhearer has a different perspective. That’s how it is at Starbucks, just do your thing.

This afternoon, my thing is a poem I drafted days ago, it needs work. I’m testing whether an environment beyond my living room will facilitate improving the poem. Here with spiked caffeine, without barking dogs, no screeching Cockatoo. If the horses are hungry so be it. All will rest until I’m home again.

Here during a quiet late afternoon, and by the way, among understanding company. Sitting around me, another six or seven loners either are focused on their computer screens or studying their cell phones. Actually, to make significant progress on this poem I should earlier have come here. I must return on another day and try again. Anyway, the coffee is good.

What delayed my arrival was earlier taking a walk down the road to visit my neighbor, Bobby. He used to have horses and misses them. His fenced pasture hasn’t been occupied in a long while. Last summer we talked and he said it would be okay for my horses to graze on his place in winter following a serious weather freeze.

Last week, we got a deep freeze. Right now, snow still standing is turning icy-slick in weather that’s begun to warm. It’s unlikely that before spring new grass will grow, and now the frozen grass is perfect for horses. They’ll graze all day without gaining weight–a big deal with some horses, and mine for sure.

Today Bobby was very willing, said “Bring them over.” That’ll happen around midweek. I’m a little challenged about leading all the equines together to his place, but will figure out how. A beginning might be to walk each horse individually down the road in hopes it will hold true that “practice makes perfect”.

Dear Friends: I’m working today, so won’t be strolling around with a horse. Diana

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