At Work

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Well, shucks, I’ll be at my part-time job today. I’d rather not, for the weather is gloomy and my comfy chair is calling from a fireside. As usual, I’ll leave my day’s pay at Costco, because shopping there is easier if one’s in the place anyway.

Much as I’d quit in a heartbeat, having a job is a strong incentive for leaving the house and being out among people. “Out and among” are real necessities, values. Besides warehouse shoppers seem family-like for everybody is doing the same thing. Looking for items that the big store reduces in cost before Christmas to clear out specialty items. Probably, today or very soon, Costco will bring in bathing suits. I’ll spot them in carts alongside on-sale designer candies.

Costco is an incredible marketeer, its stores turn seasons into mish-mosh. Customers are ready to, “Buy now!”, before an item disappears!” To be honest, accepting this is another sign of our times. We’re confused about such matters as democracy, Brexit, and why tourists were allowed to peer into a volcano at the exact moment it exploded.

Yesterday, while thinking about these matters, and feeling grateful that we had only intermittent rain and light snow, I braved the still-icy landscape, started my Gater and got to work. Getting ahead of predicted new snows meant moving trash barrels and hauling hay from uphill storage down to the barn. With large animals to care for, there’s always much that needs doing.

Right here at home, I could spend all my minutes staying productive, resting-up afterwards, and understanding clearly a constructive benefit for each activity.

But today, Costco calls….

Dear Friends: Have a wonderful day. Diana

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