Through The Ages

Wednesday, Christmas Day, 2019

Gorgeous day yesterday in many ways.

After meeting my friend Rachelle for coffee and for one of our occasional big catch-ups, I roamed into Costco and there exchanged hugs with long-time co-workers. On that pre-Christmas day, most people appeared relaxed and “loose”. Everybody was kind, not seriously shopping, and just filling-in before The Big Day.

Early on, I donned a headset and began listening to my favorite Christmas Oratorio, Handel’s Messiah. That piece, an all-day event, has absolutely gorgeous and well-known melodies and songs. Moreover, a neat thing was being able to turn the music on or off according to my mood and activities. Mostly, the sounds were on, lovely to my ears. Even that afternoon, I could listen while strolling with my equines (all three together) along the roadway toward a neighbor’s pasture.

Years ago, when I lived in Kansas City, Christmases introduced me to Handel’s Messiah. The City annually projected Christmas-oriented slides onto the windowless side of of a very tall building. Those giant images of famous paintings were arranged to tell a Christmas story and accompanied by the fabulous Messiah music.

I used to love pausing my car to study the slides and hear that music. Those annual experiences became imprinted in my brain, and ever since, periodically, I resurrect the Messiah. Its loveliness returns me to those long-ago evenings of sweet-seeing and hearing.

Yesterday, I left the horses and started home just as a hawk flew over the pasture and landed in the very top of a nearby juniper. Having just taken photos of my horses and the camera still in my hand, I swung it up. The shutter captured that hawk a split-second before it lifted and began gliding in lovely smooth flight toward my house.

A Cooper’s Hawk, my best guess.

My photography doesn’t do justice to what in my heart seems good luck–enjoying that unexpected and beautiful visitor.

This morning as I write, Handel’s Messiah is my accompaniment and will be through this day. It has the strength to keep boosting dreams of joy and peace.

Dear Friends: Today, however and whether you celebrate, hope it’s a wonderful one. Diana

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