Buttermilk Sky Evening

Range (left to right): Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, & South, Middle, North Sisters

Saturday, December 28, 2019

As 2019 dims, we consider its key events and an approaching new year encourages new thoughts and feelings. Traditionally, New Year represents a “clean slate”, an image pushing forward ideas for changes in a new year. We conjure up desirable changes and goals and begin to create resolutions.

These morning rambles of mine have their own history in the form of feedback from readers. I’m trying to recall how many years ago readers’ comments to this blog, at a year’s ending or a new year’s beginning, started sounding this way: “I no longer bother making New Year’s resolutions.”

I’m a listener and responder who learns from others. So afterwards for some years, I hesitated to mention anything about New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I tried to avoid thinking about them. As my readers wisely have pointed out, promises to self for significant changes aren’t reliable, but are made to be broken. And in reality, if one “could do it”, one would “be doing it”.

Now, we’re peering down the throat of 2020, a year that seems a significant milestone. Many years of life give me much to look back and reflect on, in two-ways, with regrets and applause. Most previous annual endings left me planning forward for personal wishes, say for wealth, prestige, beauty (perhaps not in that order).

This year is different. Our collective future needs planning, still on a personal level and yet differently. Thinking about relevant plans will make our goals more broad. For example, how might an individual make (at least) one ongoing, significant effort to combat our eroding environment? For example, should we search for and contribute time and energy to groups chartered to improve human rights?

Time, technology, and socio-political experience have made us newly aware of human nature, it’s potential for greatness and as it’s real-time impact on natural nature. Many well-communicated debates about the possible future negative impacts on our environment and species, have changed many of us.

This approaching new year is an ideal time to reflect and think through personal positions on large issues. Perhaps it would help to find ways to address individually one (at least) of our nation’s and the world’s needs for changes.

Dear Readers: Wishing that for 2020, humans do think, plan, and resolve to act. Diana

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