Winter Whimseys

Friday, January 03, 2020

Annually, during the holidays, I wonder through local shops that import special cheeses seeking my favorite varieties. The French specialties Camembert and Roquefort top my list of desirables. This season also, I discovered a wonderful marinated goat cheese imported from Australia. Pair any of those fine cheeses with a nice crisp white wine, or a mellow red, for really “good eatin'”.

Much of last year was spent watching my weight and steering clear of cheese. Early on, I saw a headline promoting the joys of losing weight: “You can live without cheese!” I took that seriously and adopted a strict regime of cheese avoidance. But the holidays always become something else, by promoting gastronomics until our mouths water. And so, I begin looking for favorite cheeses.

Now, my a refrigerator is full of favs. I’m reversing course, by saying, “To heck with dieting,” unless it’s possible to lose weight or maintain some status quo while consuming cheese. For sure, many cheeses can be frozen until future dates, but to me, special imports are a different category. Their textures and tastes are best while fresh.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I started looking online for sources of fine cheese, and yes, they’re in cyberspace. My plan now, and by the way a New Year’s Resolution, is to go forward and enjoy the appealing products in my refrigerator, but this year, I’ll periodically restock the special cheeses. Thus, not having to wait until year-end holidays and increased local demands, I’ll be less inclined to stockpile, to self-stuff, before my acquisitions become outdated. A trickling-in supply of cheese may make it a more routine process, and thus, more compatible in weight-losing.

Dear Friends: Today’s lead photo has no relationship to my affection for cheese. Diana

2 thoughts on “Winter Whimseys

  1. Costco has some good cheeses at times. Found some yummy Swiss wedge. My Dad used to own a farm that supplied milk to a cheese factory near Beloit. We would go down to the cellar and look at many wheels of Swiss. The vats were really interesting, too. He would load me in his car and drive north from Chicago area. Loved those trips. We’d go to the farm’s bank so he could look over the books. The banker would give me the punched out paper dots. Felt like Christmas 🎄 😊❤️ It was fun being his daughter. I was lucky. I’m grateful for him.

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