Janet & The Donkey

Friday, January 31, 2020

My friend, Janet, a talented artist, has a busy creative brain. Her eye quickly spots the elements of contrast, balance, and opportunity. Gradually, Janet’s becoming my art guru. She’s supportive and collaborative, encouraged me to think more creatively. These days, borrowing from her ideas, I attempt to find artistic possibilities in natural surroundings.

She also sews and has created costumes for Pimmy. My donkey, in full-dress, has participated and been outstanding in some big events. Stored in the wings for re-use are Pimmy’s full-body costumes for Christmas and July Fourth. Janet and I have plans to feature Ms Pimmy in a calendar.

The above header photo was taken on an overcast afternoon, as Janet observes the contrasts in natural light and darkness. She’s explaining that those elements influence vision and perception.

In essence, it simply was another comment about art as my equines grazed.

Well, I listened, and on another cloudy day pointed my lens at elements possibly worthy of drawing. At this point, I am transitioning photos to black and white, and using pencils, trying to grasp the lights, darks, and perspectives.

Wheel, bark, winter-ground, pavement, fence

Birch bark, grass, fencing, shadows, rock

Ordinarily, I’d pay little attention to such as wheels, tree bark, shadows, fences, streets. But upon starting to draw, recreating these elements becomes riveting.

As we collaborated to costume Pimmy, Janet took the donkey’s measurements, played with fabrics, and sewed creatively. I’ve since been visualizing Pimmy differently. She’s become less ordinary-looking, and instead, has turned into a classy-model donkey. In the future, with new costumes adorning, Pimmy will grace pages of a monthly calendar.

Dear Friends: During very trying times, our visions and dreams may keep us free. Diana

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