A Healing Diversion

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Super Bowl Day! I’m not a huge football fan but hail from Kansas City so this game interests me. Yesterday, my supervisor asked me to work today, she promised short hours. So, I’ll run to Costco, handle my routine, and hopefully, hotfoot home before the game starts.

Yesterday at work, I conducted a little survey, asking which team folks would cheer. Not surprisingly, since we’re on the West Coast and many of us from CA, the 49ers are favorites. Honestly, I won’t mind if SF wins, but will support the Chiefs’ spot in my heart.

Yesterday was supposed to be rainy but very little moisture fell. What’s weird about that day is that it was beautiful, with temperatures that rose to 60 degrees! What’s weirder is the Weather Channel’s prediction, that today in a sudden turn, the temperature will top at 35 degrees and it’ll snow.

Fortunately, on days I’m scheduled to work and wish to arrive home before daylight ends, my horses can be nearby and grazing just across the street. Even if I arrive home after darkness, it’s safe and easy to collect the equines. Later this afternoon while holed-up and watching the game, I’ll not be concerned about having to cover a big distance with daylight to bring home the horses.

Now, and making everything easier, we’ve practically no threat from vehicle traffic. This lets Pimmy loosely follow her horses as we’re traveling home.

However, there is a different kind of traffic. Yesterday the horses made me aware of this in no uncertain terms, by turning their heads in a singular direction. Nearby, a large herd of does grazed in an undeveloped spot-of-land among many trees. After I left the horses and was crossing the street to return home, those does were laying around, little concerned, resting and watching me. The group numbered about fifteen, and their lounging foreshadowed the lovely weather.

Dear Friends: Today is another “S” word, but happily about a Superbowl, not the Senate. Diana

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