Choco & Coconutty

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

As a lifelong morning coffee drinker, I didn’t give a second thought to my wake-up cups–until Starbucks was born. Then, I began hurrying downtown for a carry-out moca before heading to the office.

Several years later when Keurig happened, coffee drinkers began paying attention to new faster-producing machines and to creative roasting techniques. As a worker in Costco, I’ve demonstrated new coffee pots and roasts. Now, I tend to look for what’s faster-producing and better-tasting.

Lately, my attention has turned toward additives designed to sweeten coffee. I’s on my mind while sipping this morning’s second cup to which I’ve added chocolate sweetener. Getting used to the taste took awhile. Now, I like it, but only in my second cup–not the first, nor third, only the second.

In my first and third cups, I add a “superfood creamer”. Recently, while shopping in Costco and examining this creamer’s bag, I was interrupted by a customer. She enthusiastically said that she and her friends love the creamer, that it’s kind of coconut-tasting, doesn’t dissolve without lots of stirring, but is great for making coffee taste better. I thanked her, reshelved the bag and walked away, before returning later and tossing a bag into my cart.

At first, I didn’t quite like the coconutty sweetener. But remembering that shopper’s enthusiasm and continuing to try the product, I adopted her view. This coconut has become necessary in my first and third cups.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article explained that increasingly food producers are focusing on ways to expand the market for coffee sweeteners. Yes, my experience is an example of effective marketing–how much and quickly it can alter consumer habits.

It’s slightly annoying that, after years of drinking coffee to increase my alertness, and finding it pleasing enough, now I seek what promises to make each sip more enjoyable. Thinking back and in reality, the old days seemed good enough, and were less expensive.

Dear Friends: Talking myself back to the past, to a Mr. Coffee, and drinking it black. Diana

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