Nearing home

Saturday, February 15, 2020

We were approaching the end of our mile- and one-half stroll through the neighborhood, and coming toward our neighbor’s driveway, which takes us to a hidden back-path and to my home. At that moment, Frank (our neighbor), emerged to check his mailbox, saw us and laughed. We paused to chat, and he took these photos, which I love for reflecting my discovery of a fun way to exercise, by walking the goats.

In the street

(That’s the street, by the way, on which my horses and I walk, straight along its middle, so that approaching drivers will see us. At the distant end, we curve to the right toward the pasture where they spend many daylight hours grazing.)

Walking with horses on the streets had bolstered my confidence, helped me decide that may be a good way to exercise the goats. In our process of doing this, the majority of drivers have been very kind. Most slow down, to ensure safe space for the animals, giving us a thumbs-up or pausing to inquire about the experiences of having these animals and of walking with them.

In Frank’s driveway

And a “surprise photo” as we headed home, capturing us early on this path as I urged the goats along. But soon upon realizing where we were, both leaped ahead and pulled me homeward.

On the “little back path”

These twins are ten years old, have been with me since their infancy, and unfortunately, mostly penned. I knew everything about them, so I thought. Now, having walked with them, they’ve taught me better. They’re incredibly alert and observant, with great eyesight and astonishing hearing. We often pause, giving them time to sense the environment. They’re seeing and hearing distant objects, as tiny as a wnd-slapping bit of paper, or even tinier, so that I can’t figure out what’s capturing their attention.

Yesterday coming home, our walk took us alongside the pasture where my horses were grazing. The horses recognized us, and after a bit of worrying, the goats recognized their horses.

Thank you, Frank, for these images, and for sharing in the fun of these doggone-cute little critters.

Dear Friends: Never stop seeking new ways to explore, for times of peace and for fun. Diana

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