Visual Stories

Saturday, March 07, 2020

Old worn boots suggest stories nonstop. Those in this photo from several years ago belonged to my farrier, then in her twenties. She could work expertly on horses, and besides her business of trimming hooves, punched cattle regularly over and high-up in Skull Hollow. There, maybe she’d kill a rattlesnake or two, and during visits to my place told stories from that other life.

I’ve not known any farrier without maybe a thousand stories. Besides, a glance at almost any element of being suggests its own stories. If one drives a battered and faithful truck, it’s a safe bet he or she has unending tales about long miles, weather issues, unpredictable drivers, and untrusty roads that vehicle has survived.

As a horse person and knowing others with similar interests, my honest observation is that horse people are somewhat odd. I’ve wondered what makes us become and stay attached to the big beasts. They remain with us a long time, require expensive care and supplies, and consume much time and energy. We with horse experience, aside from our worn boots and dented vehicles, tend to have overall appearances that suggest “stories to tell”.

While in Costco, among the largest gatherings of my recent years, I observe customers and how they’ve evolved. These days, they less resemble country types, they’re more like yuppies. For example, their boots reveal types. Footwear resembling today’s header photo protect the feet of folks who farm, ranch, or work with livestock. Boots clean and more stylish point to the area’s newer residents.

Everywhere, always, I’m looking for sights that will inspire my imagination. There’s no need for vocalizations, when good visuals can provide stories aplenty.

Dear Friends: It’s fun, our active human minds–evaluating possibilities to fill the blanks. Diana

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