Virus Woes

Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus has arrived in Bend. I understand that as of yesterday there’s a local patient. This lowers my optimism toward being out and about with little concern relative to the virus. To be honest, I was becoming a little paranoid. The other day while I shopped in a big store, somebody nearby began sneezing and my brain switched to getting the heck out of there fast.

Yesterday, I went to Fancywork Yarn shop to sit-in with a knitting group. The owner, Elise, was spraying sanitizer over everything. She said the shop’s workers are washing hands and spraying touchable areas hourly. She’s altering her business model to include deliveries of yarn and tools for knitters who prefer staying home. That group will include me.

At last, I’ve quit laughing about the overstocks of supplies that I drag home from Costco where I’ve long worked part-time (but not now, for Coronavirus has put my job as a “food sample server” on hold indefinitely). My quick surveys of cupboards suggests that the animals and I will be fine awhile without any shopping. And of course, there’s good old Amazon!

My friend, Iscella, and I have been planning to visit our friend, Virginia, in LaPine. She’s recovering from a series of strokes and still is very weak. Although we’ve no symptoms of Coronavirus, Iscella has questioned the wisdom of visiting Virginia during this epidemic. I talked about this with Virginia’s son, Joe. We thought it’s okay as Bend was without active cases. Now that Bend has a Coronavirus patient, maybe it’s not sound to visit someone highly vulnerable. Today, Joe and I will try to thread through that dilemma.

Folks are advised to wash hands and apply sanitizers frequently. Interestingly, I understand that studies show (and right now, I can’t find a reference) that people touch their faces about 30 times each minute. This thought makes me aware of how easily and often so much touching occurs. Now, Coronavirus is local, feels more threatening, and for me, begins a wishing to stay home more. I’ll start opting for deliveries, watch more television, practice knitting by myself, and work at resisting that old crummy, always-stalking, “cabin fever” virus.

Dear Friends: Hours ago, this now highly-concerning virus seemed a more distant threat. Diana

One thought on “Virus Woes

  1. Hopefully you can still get out and ride or drive your horses, since that means only touching your own equipment! Right now I deeply miss being in rural Oregon, where being home bound meant I could work on outside projects, make a garden, ride a horse, etc., and not be literally stuck inside an apartment (with kids). Take care friend!


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