Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Today will mark my first excursion from this property in what seems almost forever. My friend, Virginia, at home in LaPine and recovering from a series of strokes, needs a delivery. Immediately following Virginia’s strokes, she was hospitalized in St. Charles. Attendees tried to insert a breathing tube through her mouth and broke her front teeth. She remained in that hospital over a week with an exposed and hugely-painful tooth nerve.

She’s home in LaPine and being cared for by her son, Joe, who’s doing a remarkable job in helping her return to strength. He says that now she can take a few steps using a walker. Last week, Joe had an EMT vehicle transport Virginia to a Bend dentist. He prepared an insert for the missing teeth that today is ready for pick-up.

So that Joe needn’t travel and leave his mom alone, I’ll take the bridge to them. I won’t travel alone as my friend, Iscella (a co-worker at Costco) will accompany me. We’ll be briefly in LaPine without physically visiting Virginia who’s weak and vulnerable to infection. Caution is a wise priority.

This little trip is a welcome break from my almost constant knitting and sewing. It’s fun and thrilling to put together pretty, wearable, and useful garments. But repetitive work can slip into monotony, like yesterday, as my needles created a row of knitting, I actually dozed off.

Dear Friends: Warm weather begins today, it’ll again beckon us outdoors and into spring. Diana

4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Glad you can help Virginia and have an outing. When I get depressed I remind myself that I am not in a refuge camp in Syria or Turkey!

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    1. These trying times encourage folks reach out, for ways to help one another. Occasionally, we’re forced into being reminded of what’s “best about us”. Hate Coronavirus, hate staying inside, but happily gain more sense of unity among humans.


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