Present, Future, Past

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Current massive amounts of Coronavirus information has me revising my usual concepts of routine and status quo. I’m rethinking the ways I plan and behave. In likelihood, more social distancing won’t dramatically alter my life, for living alone means embracing some social distancing. Typical distancing isn’t meaningful or noteworthy, but can be useful. For example, I prod my brain’s sleepy side to awaken cells that may inspire creativity. This may create pleasant adventures that produce and satisfy.

Yesterday, my neighbor and friend Annette stopped by and we chatted a few minutes. I then left home, and before heading to LaPine, picked up another friend, Iscella. We were going to deliver an item to our friends Joe and Virginia. At LaPine, we didn’t enter the home and visit Virginia who’s recovering from strokes and still is weak, but chatted with Joe before leaving for home.

Striking about all our “contacts among us friends” was a common avoidance of hugs and touches. Physical contacts are becoming no-nos.

Yet, my memories don’t suggest that we communicated poorly and somehow mitigated a mutual appreciation and enjoyment. Yes, it’s the beginning of creating and adjusting to a new normal. For one thing, maybe boosting our language arts would replace some physical spontaneity.

There are possible elements of change worth reconsidering. One could be in fashion design. By thinking way back to when it was considered inappropriate in public to show intimacy, we can try to visualize “how untouchably” contemporary clothing was designed. Back in those olden days, fashions forced people to stand some distance from one another. Think about ladies sporting sporting bustled bottoms and big-hooped skirts, and men, equally off-standing in powdered wigs and high heeled shoes, maybe carrying an oversized walking stick.

Dear Friends: Maybe societies ultimately evolve somehow “Back To The Future”. Diana

2 thoughts on “Present, Future, Past

  1. Your story about clothing to prevent close contact reminded me of a true story from my mom. In the 1940s, she & her dance partner got in trouble from the chaperones for “standing too close”. At the next dance, she was ready with a checkerboard that was suspended from their shoulders so that they could keep the proper distance…and play checkers! They had a good laugh over it, but she said the chaperones were not happy with them. 🙂

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